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Hiring a car is an increasingly popular choice for families and groups as the competition in the market has brought prices down and it can often work out cheaper for a group to hire a car / minivan than book a transfer. All of the major car rental suppliers are based at Geneva Airport (both French and Swiss sides) and are well represented at all of the airports serving the Three Valleys resort.

If hiring a car from Geneva Airport, it’s important to know about a recent EU law that impacts taking rental cars across borders within EU and non EU member states. The majority of car rentals are arranged from GVA, the swiss side of the airport as this is the most convenient to access the motorway network to the main resorts, however the new legislation stipulates that a non EU registered car may not cross into an EU state if driven by an EU citizen without incurring a significant tax. This has caused quite a stir in the car rental market at Geneva as this was a very common requirement for most rentals.


We have spoken with who have been assisting customers with this exact situation since the law came into force and the current suggestion is to book the rental car from the side of the airport that suits your needs (some customers may wish to hire from the French side), however if you do book from the Swiss side and plan to travel across the border into France, it’s very important to let them know so they can advise the rental agent in advance to ensure that a suitably registered car is provided on arrival, the rental agent will supply a French registered car which is permitted the cross the border without issue.


We have arranged an exclusive discount with, please contact us for details of how to redeem our guest discount.

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