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Pesky Covid

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

As I look out of my window upon the changing landscape as Autumn changes slowly to Winter my thoughts change to all the wonderful snowy winters that we have experienced in this most awesome of places - the stunning Three Valleys with all that it has to offer - 650 kms of pistes for all level of snowsports enthusiast over 4 valleys actually and incorporating 8 resorts.

I think of all the wonderful people we have had the privilege to meet and to know in the two chalets we have run our business in. We have been so lucky with finding custom and then retaining that custom through customer loyalty.

I fear however, that this coming season of 2020/2021 will be a somewhat different one - because of this pesky virus. The World is experiencing a very different way of living and it is hard for all of us but we have to stay positive that we will get back to normal if we just hang in there. When we do get back to normal lets hope that we have learnt some new practices that help the Planet too.

We must all take responsibility adhering to measures that are put in place - social distancing, efficient hand hygeine, wearing of masks in public places.

At Chalet Hibou we have decided to only accept reservations from exclusive groups each week rather than having mixed groups. We are also, for this coming season only, offering a contactless service (self catered). Flexibility is the key this season and you can rest assured that you will still receive the first class service from us, as ever. We will be supplying hand gel throughout the chalet. Ontop of our rigorous cleaning regime we will disinfecting door handles, stair rails, light switches and any other surfaces that are touched throughout each day. All these extra practices will ensure customer safety as they enjoy their winter holiday still in the same gorgeous Chalet Hibou in the stunning surroundings of the Three Valleys.

We look forward to welcoming you in Chalet Hibou and if we all take our responsibilties seriously we will get back to normal and defeat this pesky Covid in the end.

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