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Our new abode

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Well it's been 4 long years from the time we acquired our beloved Chalet Hibou until we moved into take on our first season in our newly renovated ancient barn and stable. It's been a labour of love and a massive dent in our bank balance but here we are and what a great feeling.

We have learnt so much during this venture, not least that whenever you take on a renovation it always takes much longer than you first think, and always costs more than your original budget. To add to that when you do it in a different country and you don't speak the language fluently, that just adds another layer of difficulty. With perseverence, hard work, good planning, project management and the support of great local tradesman, it all paid off and we ended up with a beautifully renovated ski chalet in the most awesome ski domain in the World.

We look forward to welcoming many of our regular customers and look forward to meeting many new customers too.

Lets do this !

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